Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Secret Societies: The Cousins Club

The Cousins Club.
 While you are basically stuck with your immediate family, cousins are the family you choose to keep in touch with. A cool older cousin that turned you on to an album that changed your life. Backyard BBQs. Softball games. this is sort of the idea behind OpenHouse Music's Cousin's Club. Exclusive without being douchy (hopefully), invite only parties. The idea is to bring you to an atypical space or venue, cook you really good food, get you drunk and entertain you with some kind of band or artist or something thought/emotion provoking. Besides, if you go far enough down the evolutionary ladder we all are cousins anyway.
We also want to play with the viral side of the invite only part of this. Some people will be getting invites. If you are interested in getting an invite to The Cousins Club, this could be a good first start. Ask. get in touch on facebook or here or somewhere, tell us about yourself, why you are interesting, why you wanna get involved with this. etc. etc. etc.

...not that we are promising invites ...yet.

--ohm nola

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