Sunday, April 24, 2011

After Treme, Go See Micah McKee

This used to be the Sunday at Circle Bar (Anyone know what is going on with Circle Bar, btw?) Now its at Saturn, and I am happy it changed venues. I love C.B, but we all know the sound is preetty bad, and it is more than a little "intimate." Anyway according to Micah's facebook status:
     "Tonight! The Best Sunday Ever: Easter Edition, a long-running singer/songwriter night, featuring a string-laden ensemble with Loren Murrell, members of Little Maker, Empress Hotel, the Fens, and tonight an opening set by Blind Tx Marlin of Felix fame. The place: Saturn Bar. 9PM. FREE."
 By far our favorite Sunday, may head over after Treme...


Less than a mile from Jazz Fest, Join OpenHouse Music at Studio 3, a 10,000 sq ft warehouse. Amazing Jazz Fest lineup including Quintron & Miss Pussycat, King Louie, March Fourth Marching Band, Ballzack, and many more....
For more info, email

Friday April 29 (After Jazz Fest)
OpenHouse Music Presents: FiveDollarFriday
Performances By:
March Forth Marching Band (Portland)
Dirty Bourbon River Show
Art Official DJs
5PM - 12AM
Starts directly after Jazz Fest, march with the band from fairgrounds.

Friday May 6 (After Jazz Fest)
OpenHouse Music Presents: Quintron/King Louie Record Release
Performances by
Quintron & Miss Pussycat
King Louie’s Missing Monuments
Vockah Redu
Glitter Chariot (LA)
DJ Pasta

8:30doors/$11.99 limited adv/$15
Buy tix:
more info:

Saturday, May 7 (After Jazz Fest)
OpenHouse Music Presents: Ballzack/Caddywhompus/Hurray For The Riff Raff/Empress Hotel

8:30doors/$11.99 limited adv/$15
Buy Tix:
more info:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Video: Backwords "And Then Sigh"

Backwords from BK,NY joined us for our Foburg showcase at Saturn Bar, here is there first video...more to come on them in future...Enjoy.

A Fav WTF: Classic NY Public Access TV.

This is from an infamous NY Public Access show....

Everybody lovin: Katey Red New Video "Where Da Melph At?"

Woke up this morning wondering to myself, Where da melph at? Luckily, Katey Red knows. Prepare for shaking asses.

Goings on tonight

The Raveonettes with Tamaryn and Twin Killers

The Saint:

Spellcaster Lounge 

Band to watch: Tiny Victories

Tiny Victories are our friends from NY and were nice enough to play our Foburg show, as well as a few house parties we threw. Really good guys making really good music. We hear a full length will be done this year, in the meantime, keep checking back for more info on releases for this band to watch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Poster. Hope you like

Remember NYE?

Jazz Fest after parties, walking distance from the fair grounds. Your afterparty is decided.

New Show. Jazz Fest Weekend. Five Dollar Friday w/ March Fourth Marching Band & Dirty Bourbon River Show.

Hey all....just confirmed, Friday April 29 at Studio 3 Warehouse, March Fourth Marching Band and locals Dirty Bourbon River Show in a special post Jazz Fest $5 show. We hope to march with the band from the fairgrounds, more info on meeting spot for that soon.
You heard it here first.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OpenHouse Music/Quintron&MissPussyCat/KingLouie/Vockah/GlitterChariot/DJ Pasta. HOLY SHIT.

OpenHouse Music is really really excited about this show. It is an obvious honor to work with Quintron & Miss Pussycat, and to be trusted with what is sure to be a grand spectacle of a record release party.
In addition to Q & P, we also get the record release of another legend, King Louie and his Missing Monuments.
But the fun doesn't stop there. I saw Vockah Redu for the first time at Quintron's OEJ. Knocked my fucking socks off.
And this is Glitter Chariot from L.A. Just watch.

DJ Pasta holding it down, you can walk there from jazz fest. You can buy tix online cheap(er). ask where or go find them.


Secret Societies: The Cousins Club

The Cousins Club.
 While you are basically stuck with your immediate family, cousins are the family you choose to keep in touch with. A cool older cousin that turned you on to an album that changed your life. Backyard BBQs. Softball games. this is sort of the idea behind OpenHouse Music's Cousin's Club. Exclusive without being douchy (hopefully), invite only parties. The idea is to bring you to an atypical space or venue, cook you really good food, get you drunk and entertain you with some kind of band or artist or something thought/emotion provoking. Besides, if you go far enough down the evolutionary ladder we all are cousins anyway.
We also want to play with the viral side of the invite only part of this. Some people will be getting invites. If you are interested in getting an invite to The Cousins Club, this could be a good first start. Ask. get in touch on facebook or here or somewhere, tell us about yourself, why you are interesting, why you wanna get involved with this. etc. etc. etc.

...not that we are promising invites ...yet.

--ohm nola

My time with Janka Nabay during Foburg

OpenHouse had the pleasure of bringing Brooklyn via Sierra Leone artist, Janka Nabay for our One Eyed Jacks show Sunday (Along with Empress Hotel, Monogold (BK) and Tiny Victories (BK). I have been throwing concerts for close to 20 years and I have to say, I have never been as disappointed at a crowd turnout. Not because of money or business, but because this was genuinely one of the best shows I've been to in quite some time and a unique bill of super talent. But I digress...
When Janka arrived in NOLA we decided to bring him around town and shoot some video of him and the Bubu Gang. Our first location, Congo Square. We all know the musical significance of Congo Square, the geographical birthplace of all popular American music. Janka is a true ambassador of Bubu music and possibly the only artist outside of Africa even performing this style of music.
The following footage of Janka at Congo Square may very well be the first time this music has been played in this location since slaves gathered on Sundays to sing. Heavy stuff.