Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OpenHouse Music/Quintron&MissPussyCat/KingLouie/Vockah/GlitterChariot/DJ Pasta. HOLY SHIT.

OpenHouse Music is really really excited about this show. It is an obvious honor to work with Quintron & Miss Pussycat, and to be trusted with what is sure to be a grand spectacle of a record release party.
In addition to Q & P, we also get the record release of another legend, King Louie and his Missing Monuments.
But the fun doesn't stop there. I saw Vockah Redu for the first time at Quintron's OEJ. Knocked my fucking socks off.
And this is Glitter Chariot from L.A. Just watch.

DJ Pasta holding it down, you can walk there from jazz fest. You can buy tix online cheap(er). ask where or go find them.


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